Velvet Alabaster Eare Cleanser soap-free & alcohol free for pets 20ml

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Velvet Alabaster Eare cleanser is completely free of SOAP & ALCOHOL that is gentle and safe to be used on dogs and cats very delicate and sensitive ear canals and loops. Eare is crafted with a combination of hebs and essential oils to remove mild to tough ear wax without leaving a greasy or oily residue, instead, cleans and prevents ear mites.

All Velvet Alabaster treatment range products has added Fungus and bacteria growth inhibitor so that you can be at ease of mind not having to worry about the growth of these pesky growers.

Eare is crafted with extreme details with a spray pump head that actuates directly into hard to reach areas around the ear loops or canals to have a thorough clean inside and out. a 20ml bottle will allow up to 110 actuations in total, in other words, u can use it for 110x times per bottle.

if you are looking for something effective yet safe for ur pets to use, choose Australian products as it has good animal welfare that ensures the safety of each products sold on shelves.