Velvet Alabaster CARE antiseptic medicated treatment shampoo for pets 300ml

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Velvet Alabaster CARE is an Antiseptic medicated shampoo for pets that is made for dermatitis disorder. Experience the combination of natural herbal plant extract and essential oils infused with chlorhexidine to deliver skin recovery in the
shortest time. It is suitable for fungal infection, sebhorrea, dandruff, flaky skin, inflamed skin, red spots, bald patch, mange mites, eczema, etc.

Treatment for:
- fungal infections
- dandruff
- sebhorrea
- flaky skin
- inflamed skin
- wound
- bald patch
- mange mites
- eczema
- itchy skin
- Ear infection

Yet another trusted and proven effective Australian product that is here for you to experience and enjoy. Give your pet the best without costing you an arm and a leg. Velvet Alabaster, where quality meets luxury.

Care shampoo is to be used along side with Cure cream or Potion for best and fast results. Once skin has recovered, use our SOAP-FREE shampoo to maintain a healthy skin and fur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.