About Us


New but Experienced

We are a new startup company derived from a chemical manufacturing company established since 1989. Velvet Alabaster was found and created on the Gold Coast, Australia in the year 2018 by Bronson Tham and his team of four, with the dedication and motivation to preserve and protect precious lives here on earth, as we are given dominion over every living creature on earth (Genesis 1:28). 

    Velvet Alabaster strives to produce quality products with the most natural, degradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials without costing the world. 

You might ask, how so? Unlike others, VA's promises are supported by certified documents and certificates as we go the extra mile to prove to our valued customers of our commitments.

Besides that, all of our products have gone through stringent and vigorous testing from our own in-house chemist through constant research and development that emphasizes strongly on biodegradability.

Animals play an important role in our ecosystem. They are as unique and special as humans on earth, hence should be treated with value and respect starting from our precious fur babies, whom we make them part of our family.  

About Our Products