Velvet Alabaster Potion flea-repellent, itch-relief herb extract spray for dog (200ml)

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Yet another proprietary formulation from Velvet Alabaster's own lab, we bring you the combined power of plant derived oils and herb extracts to guard, expel, and bring ultimate comfort and relief to your pet dog. This is the result of countless hours and effort put into research and development to bring you the best and most effective.

Targets: Ticks, Fleas, Mites (mange, scabbies, etc), Lice & Maggots and itchy skin.
Effect: Quick Action, exterminates, Repels further infestation, guards and protect skin from damage
Extra Features: Conditions and Deodorise bad odours
suitability: Dogs (safety guaranteed)
Package size: 200ml (amber bottle, heat resistant)
Brand: Velvet Alabaster
Stock availability: Local (Malaysia Head Quarter warehouse)
Active ingredients: Essential oil blend, herb extracts, pyrethrum, plant based emollients
Scent: Sweet floral
Free From: Toxic chemicals, steroids, poison chemicals, paraben, artificial coloring, potent preservatives.

With limited communication capabilities, often dogs struggles to let their owners know that they are in pain or irritated, therefore it is our responsibilities as PAWRENTS to be aware of signs that our pets is in discomfort. One of the most obvious is scratching and if it's not attended to, can lead to further complications as dogs do not know how to control their strength when scratching.

Fleas infestation is often the most common cause of them scratching and using the right solution can quickly and effectively solve the problem. Velvet Alabaster Potion is a topical spray directed on flea infestations.