Velvet Alabaster CURE premium pet treatment cream

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Velvet Alabaster Cure is an advanced bio-regenerative Australian formula treatment/ointment cream for pets that has skin disorders, infections, inflammation, dryness and dandruffs. Cure target various Infections which includes maggot infestation, Eczema, Ringworm, Erythema, bacteria, seborrhoea, itchiness, skin redness, etc effectively with obvious results just within days.

Witness and experience the combined power of rich natural essential oils and nourishing natural derived herbal extracts that enhances and speeds up recovery and healing. This is a all-in-one treatment cream that every pet owners should have in their pocket just in case of emergency.

It comes in a generous packaging size of 50g in a safe and secure Aluminium Jar.

Treats Skin disorders such as :
- wounds
- Maggot infestation
- fungal infection
- Eczema
- Ringworm
- Erythema
- Bacteria infection
- seborrhoea
- itchiness
- skin redness
- inflammation
- Skin dryness
- dandruffs
- Psoriasis

Every Jar is free of:
- Artificial color
- Heavy-metals
- Parabens
- Toxic Chemicals
- Harsh Chemicals
- Polymer-based conditioner
- Synthetic chemicals

With a wealth of experience for over 32 years in the industry, we can assure you with the quality of our products and services to be the best.