Locations to spray Velvet Alabaster

One of the questions that we commonly get asked as we attend the expos and functions that we consistently go to is "Where can I spray the perfume on my puppy?" The question however, should be "What are the most efficient locations for the perfume to be sprayed?"

We compiled all the trials and all the feedback we have received and created a visual guide for the most efficient spraying locations. This guide can be found in the box of perfume for black velvet, or for pink velvet. Ultimately, the answer can be boiled down to one of two things:

Firstly is to keep away from the eyes, skin and orifices. While this is a concern for dogs with sensitive skin, it is also an inefficient area to spray. The skin itself has a small surface area in comparison to the coat. While spraying on the skin is not recommended, this small surface area will cause the perfume to lose its scent quicker.

Spraying the perfume on the coat however, will cause the molecules to land on a larger surface area aiding with both the evaporation of the perfume and the longevity of the scent itself.

Not only is this the recommended case for that reason, but also because the canine edition has been especially formulated to be kinder to a dogs fur which contains natural oils.

So now that's out of the way. What part of the coat is the best spraying location? There are a number of places that you can spray depending on your dog's personality. If your dog loves cuddles, then we recommend spraying on the neck, or around the back of the neck.

This way, you can smell the canine edition as your dog comes to hug you. If you spray on the back of the dog, it is a general area. Always a good decision if you cannot decide where to spray. If you have a dog with a beautiful, fluffy tail, spray away and every time your dog wags their tail the lovely velvety scent will be wafted around the air.

All in all, when it comes down to it, we encourage experimentation on the spraying locations of your dog. And if you find a certain area to spray is amazing, please feel free to share it online on Facebook or Instagram and we would love to hear your perfumes stories!