If you're anything like me, I love my dog, but hate the way it can smell. Dogs, just like humans, will emit unpleasant odours over time, whether from sweating or rolling around on musty surfaces. After searching for solutions for some time, all I could find was a cheap range of deodorizers. They all claimed to work, but were loaded with warnings about heavy chemicals, parabens and aluminum. That got me thinking, is dog perfume safe?

Additionally, I wanted something a little more than the regular tea tree or eucalyptus oil. I was not after mere deodorizers. Where can I buy a dog perfume and how do I use it? I was also looking for something special, a sort of "fine fragrance". To my, surprise, I could not find anything. Can a dog use human perfume? Most human perfumes contain levels of artificial colours or ingredients that are toxic for dogs, which is the last thing I want to use.

Enter the idea of Velvet Alabaster, canine edition. As it turns out, there are lots of dog owners looking to show off their pets individuality with fine fragrances. To be able to brand your pet with truly original scents seems like a relatively new idea. Fragrances like cedar wood, rose, passionfruit or apple can change the way they smell to match any occasion. Finally, the age-old question of "what's the best dog perfume" has an answer! 

Velvet Alabaster uses fine fragrance oil of the highest quality from the mountains of France. Such quality is only seen in the top brands of human perfume. It is common for people to say they actually use Velvet Alabaster perfume on themselves as well as their dog. An understandable sentiment given the exquisite blend of ingredients.

At the time of writing, the canine edition comes in two distinct fragrances. The Black Velvet and the Pink Velvet. Generally the pink has a feminine fragrance of flowers, fruit and musk, where the black is more masculine, with a woody, spicy and lemon scent. Having said that however, they can both be used in a unisex fashion.

A spritz of fine fragrance should not be used as a replacement for a good old fashion bath however. The purpose of VA is not a bath alternative, but rather an after-bath enhancement. It also helps elongate the freshness between baths. As we all know that vet's do not recommend bathing your dog too often. Constant washing strips the natural oils from their coat and skin, causing it to be dry and more vulnerable to infection. Between baths, Velvet Alabaster is a great solution! Give it a try.