Can you spray "Human Perfume" on your dog?

Both humans and dogs share a passion for covering their body with some sort of fragrance. Though what's perceived as a good fragrance varies widely. We might prefer "Chanel No.5", but a dog has more exotic tastes, like the scent of animal waste or a dead carcass for example, as animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell writes in her book The Other End of the Leash.

Given this common love for fragrance, it is tempting to lavish some quality "Burberry" on your pawsome pooch, however, as a general rule, human perfume is balanced for specific use on humans, so we should never use it on any animal. Dogs especially, as I will go on to explain. 

Doggy perfume is a much better and safer alternative if used in moderation. Velvet Alabaster's range comes from lab-tested research to make sure that only safe, high-quality oils are used.

We know that dogs are blessed with a powerful nose, thought to be in the range of 1000 to 1 million times more powerful than a human's nose. So it makes sense that while a spritz of human perfume may seem awesome to you, to a dog it may seem very intense and stressful if it contains the wrong ingredients. This also applies to hair sprays and air fresheners. 

Most human perfumes are balanced to a specific pH level, which can dry out a dog's coat, and due to the differences between dog skin and human skin, an allergic reaction is very possible. There are also other certain ingredients present that can give them allergies, or affect sensitive skin. 

However, according to the canine journal*, most vets recommend NOT to bath your dog more than once every two weeks! As the natural oils produced by the dog's skin promote hair growth. Therein lies the problem. When little "Coco" starts to emit some foul-smelling odour after only 2 days, an extra wash can overdo it, causing irritation and dryness.

None of our Velvet Alabaster's perfume range contains any parabens, heavy metals or harsh chemicals that may harm your dog. In fact, they are crafted specifically for your beloved fur baby so you don't have to resort to "Hugo Boss".