Experts in Fine Iconic Pet Fragrances

Crafting Aromas That Match Your Pet's Unique Pawsonality, Without Costing The World

Does my dog need perfume? absolutely, unlike cologne, Velvet Alabaster Perfume is not to eliminate bad odor, but it's to enhance the unique smell of your pooch for up to 4 days and make him/her stand out among the others.

what is your Dogs character?

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Is it safe ?

Our latest range takes care of those that have very sensitive condition so you can be at peace.

White Velvet encourages 30% more moisture absorption and does not dry out skin. Furthermore, Our chemist have delicately combined fine essential oils and emollients to promote recovery on dry skin.

Ps: you can even use it on yourself if you have sensitive skin.

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Biodegradable Ingredients

Protect the World together by using ingredients that does not persist in the environment

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Cruelty free, no testing on animals
100% Australian Owned kangaroo with the aussie southern cross.
Biodegradable ingredients, with three leaves. Good for the environment
Certification. A Certified safe product.